Excess return on the market portfolio

• The difference between the return on the market portfolio and the risk less rate.


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 Market portfolio
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Active portfolio strategy
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Free on board
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General agreement on tariffs and trade gatt
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Horizon return
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Index and option market
Inside market
Interest impact on accumulation of 1 per period
Interest impact on instalment to amortize or amortization
Interest impact on present value of ordinary annuity of 1 per period
Interest impact on sinking fund factor
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Internal market
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Limitation on asset dispositions
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Limitation on merger, consolidation, or sale
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Time weighted rate of return
Total dollar return
Total rate of return
Trade on top of
Two sided market
Two way market
Underlying market price
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Upstairs market
Weighted average portfolio yield
Well diversified portfolio
Yankee market
Zero beta portfolio
Zero investment portfolio

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