• Category groupings for companies according to their business. These may vary somewhat according to the authority doing the grouping (e.g. Value Line, Standard & Poor's, etc.). When looking for good investments, it is wise to compare several companies in the same industry and to pick the best of the group for purchase.

• The category describing a company's primary business activity. This category is usually determined by the largest portion of revenue.

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 Alco: is the acronym for Asset and Liability Committee. Term used frequently in banking Industry.

 Analyst: Also known as a Financial Analyst or Security Analyst. Analysts have expertise in evaluating investments, and typically are employed by brokerage firms, investment advisors, or mutual funds. They make buy, sell, and hold recommendations on securities, and many specialize in industries or sectors.Employee of a brokerage or fund management house who studies companies and makes buy-and-sell recommendations on their stocks. Most specialize in a specific Industry.

 Arbitrator: Is a person who is selected to resolve a dispute in the financial Industry. Usually there are three arbitrators on a panel. The composition of the arbitrators is from a pool of candidates viewed either as Public or Industry.

 Attribute bias: The tendency of stocks preferred by the dividend discount model to share certain equity attributes such as low price-earnings ratios, high dividend yield, high book-value ratio or membership in a particular Industry sector.

 Bits: Is the Banking Industry Technology Secretariat.

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