• Abbreviation for The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. NASD is the self regulatory organization of the securities industry responsible for the operation and regulation of the NASDAQ Stock Market and over the counter markets.

• Is the for National Association of Securities Dealers.

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National association of securities dealers, inc.
Over the counter market
Stock market
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 Arbitration: Is a process to resolve disputes for securities and futures markets. It can involve broker/dealers, clients, and employees of broker/dealers. There are different forums such as the Nasd and NYSE.

 Churning: Excessive trading of a client's \ account in order to increase the broker's commissions.Is an excessive amount of trading of customer funds by a broker. The intent is to generate commission or brokerage fees and not client performance.An unethical practice employed by some brokers to increase their commissions by excessively trading in a client's account. This practice violates the Nasd Rules of Fair Practice.

 Crossed market: Occurs when a broker/dealer's bid is greater than the lowest or best offer made by another. This condition can also occur when a broker/dealer's offer is lower than another's bid. Sometimes, this can occur because of slow updates in a broker/dealer's range of marketing making activities. However, when a crossed market occurs because of intention behavior, then this activity is prohibited by the Nasd.

 Last sale reporting: The electronic entry by Nasd members to The NASDAQ Stock Market of the price and the number of shares involved in a transaction in a NASDAQ security. The trade reported must be submitted to NASDAQ within 90 seconds of the execution of the trade.

 National association of securities dealers, inc.: See Nasd.

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