Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications swift

• A dedicated computer network to support funds transfer messages internationally between over 900 member banks worldwide.


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Asset for asset swap
Association for investment management and research
Bank for international settlements
Changes in financial position
Clearing house interbank payment system
Closing or to close for real estate
Comprehensive annual financial report
Consolidated financial statements
Corporate financial management
Corporate financial planning
Country financial risk
Degree of financial leverage
Dupont system of financial control
Except for opinion
Exchange for physicals
Financial accounting standards board
Financial analyst
Financial assets
Financial break even points
Financial control
Financial distress
Financial distress costs
Financial engineering
Financial forecasting
Financial formulas or formulae
Financial future
Financial institution
Financial intermediaries
Financial lease
Financial lever
Financial leverage
Financial leverage clientele
Financial leverage multiplier
Financial leverage ratios
Financial manager
Financial market
Financial merger
Financial objectives
Financial or capital lease
Financial plan
Financial planner
Financial planning
Financial planning process
Financial press
Financial ratio
Financial risk
Financial services
Financial statement
Financial structure
Financial supermarket
Future value interest factor for an annuity
International bank for reconstruction and development ibrd or world bank
London interbank offered rate libor
London international financial futures exchange
Long term financial plan
Long term strategic financial plans
Non financial services
Notes to the financial statements
Perfectly competitive financial markets
Pibor paris interbank offer rate
Plan for reorganization
Precautionary demand for money
Premium for bonds
Present value interest factor for an annuity
Pro forma financial statements
S&p financial strength
Series for options
Settlement for real estate
Short term financial management
Short term financial plan
Short term operating financial plans
Speculative demand for money
Standard & poor's financial strength
Statement of financial accounting standards no. 52
Statement of financial accounting standards no. 8
Support for prices
Threshold for refinancing
Transaction demand for money
Value line financial strength
Wanted for cash

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