Stock market

• Also called the equity market, the market for trading equities.


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 Equity market
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Acquisition of stock
Adjustable rate preferred stock
American stock exchange
Auction market
Auction rate preferred stock
Authorized stock
Bank market
Bear market
Black market
Blue chip stock
Breadth of a market
Brokered market
Bull market
Bulldog market
Buyer's market
Capital market
Capital market efficiency
Capital market imperfections view
Capital market line
Capital stock
Carrying charge market
Cash market
Common market
Common stock
Common stock equivalent
Common stock market
Common stock ratios
Complete capital market
Conversion or stock value
Convertible exchangeable preferred stock
Convertible preferred stock
Corner a market
Cost of a new issue of common stock
Cost of preferred stock
Crossed market
Cumulative preferred stock
Currencies and major foreign market hedge funds
Cyclical stock
Dealer market
Debt market
Depth of a market
Direct purchase stock
Direct search market
Direct stock purchase programs
Diversified common stock fund
Domestic market
Efficient capital market
Efficient market
Efficient market hypothesis
Either way market
Employee stock fund
Employee stock ownership plan
Equilibrium market price of risk
Equity market
Eurocurrency loan market
Eurocurrency market
Euroequity market
European open market
Excess return on the market portfolio
Exchange of stock
External market
Fair market price
Fast market
Federal funds market
Federal open market committee
Financial market
Fixed income market
Flat market
Foreign banking market
Foreign bond market
Foreign equity market
Foreign market
Foreign market beta
Forward market
Fourth market
Futures market
Gray market
Growth stock
Income stock
Index and option market
Inside market
Internal market
Internally efficient market
International equity market
International market
International monetary market
Intrinsic value common stock
Inverted market
Letter stock
Locked market
Make a market
Mark to market
Marked to market
Market arbitrage
Market book ratio
Market cap or market capitalization
Market capitalization
Market capitalization rate
Market clearing
Market conversion price
Market cycle
Market efficiency hypotheses
Market if touched
Market impact costs
Market maker
Market maker spread
Market model
Market on close
Market on opening
Market order
Market overhang
Market portfolio
Market premium convertible securities
Market price of risk
Market prices
Market return
Market risk
Market risk return function
Market sectors
Market segmentation theory or preferred habitat theory
Market stabilization
Market surveillance
Market timer
Market timing
Market timing costs
Market to book ratio
Market value
Market value ratios
Market value weighted index
Market value weights
Marking to market
Matador market
Money market
Money market center bank
Money market certificates
Money market demand account
Money market fund
Money market hedge
Money market mutual funds
Money market notes
National market
New issues market
New york stock exchange
Non cumulative preferred stock
Noncumulative preferred stock
Nonparticipating preferred stock
Normal market
One sided one way market
One way market
Open market operation
Open market purchase operation
Open market share repurchases
Operationally efficient market
Otc market
Over the counter market
Over the counter otc market
Participating preferred stock
Perfect capital market
Perfect market view of capital structure
Perfect market view of dividend policy
Philadelphia stock exchange
Preference stock
Preferred equity redemption stock
Preferred stock
Preferred stock agreement
Primary market
Privately owned stock
Ratio of exchange in market price
Real market
Rembrandt market
Repurchase of stock
Reverse stock split
Safety stock
Samurai market
Secondary market
Security market line
Security market plane
Seller's market
Side of the market
Small ordinary stock dividend
Specific issues market
Spot market
Stock dividend
Stock exchange
Stock index option
Stock option
Stock purchase plans
Stock purchase warrant
Stock quote
Stock replacement strategy
Stock repurchase
Stock selection
Stock split
Stock swap transaction
Stock symbol
Stock ticker
Technical condition of a market
Thin market
Third market
Tight market
Treasury stock
Two sided market
Two way market
Underlying market price
Upstairs market
Yankee market

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