• Is a bundled securities position. One example is the combination of stock warrants with a convertible bond. These two combined positions, particularly, in the context of a new offering are considered as a unit.

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Convertible bond
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 Bond points: A conventional Unit of measure for bond prices set at $10 and equivalent to 1% of the $100 face value of the bond. A price of 80 means that the bond is selling at 80% of its face, or par value.

 Btu or btus: Refer to British Thermal Units. It measures the heating quality of different fuels against a common standard. This unit provides for comparative analyses.

 Carrying costs: The variable costs per Unit of holding an item in inventory for a specified time period.

 Coefficient of variation: Is a statistic which is used to determine the degree of relative dispersion. It extends standard deviation analyses. By definition, standard deviations are statistical measures of absolute dispersion. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the variability of two different asset classes or assets within those classses. It is computed by dividing the standard deviation of Asset I by the mean of Asset I. Similarly, the standard deviation of Asset II is divided by the mean of Asset II and so forth. These multiple coefficient of variation can then be compared against one another. By using the coefficient of variation, an analyst can compare variation among relatively high and low priced securities. Similarly, the analyst can evaluate the volatility differences between commodities, currencies, stocks and bond markets.Abbreviated CV. A measure of relative dispersion used in comparing the risk of assets with differing expected returns. It is the ratio of the standard deviation divided by the mean (or expected return). It tells you the number of Units of risk per unit of return.

 Condominium: Refers to a form of real estate ownership. Here, the owner holds title to a specific Unit or dwelling while also holding an interest the property's common areas.

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