• Are investment grade U.S. corporate notes and bonds. Sometimes, these securities are further classified as to nuclear, non-nuclear, and gas issues.

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 Competitive bid: (1) Bid tendered in a Treasury action for a specific amount of securities at a specific yield or price. (2) Issuers, municipal and public Utilities, often sell new issues by asking for competitive bids from one or more syndicates.

 Corporate bonds: Debt obligations issued by corporations.Are obligations issued by corporations. They are frequently categorized as follows:

  • Intermediate Corporates,
  • Distressed Securities,
  • Junk Bonds,
  • Long Industrials,
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Bonds,

Utilities. There are other categories and subcategories, such as, financials -bank and nonbank, foreign, Canadian, Yankee and the list goes on.

 Fixed expense: Costs that do not change greatly over the short term and are not directly related to manufacturing or sales volume; such as rent, office expense, Utilities and insurance

 Income stock: Common stock with a high dividend yield and few profitable investment opportunities.A stock that pays regular and steady income, typically of well established companies, such as Utilities and others whose businesses generate steady cash flows.

 Indifference curve: The graphical expression of a utility function, where the horizontal axis measures risk and the vertical axis measures expected return. The curve connects all portfolios with the same Utilities according to γ and σ .

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