Working capital management

• The management of current assets and current liabilities to maximize short-term liquidity.


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 Embedded terms in definition
Current assets
Current liabilities
 Related Terms
A&l management
Accounts payable management
Asset and liability management
Asset/liability management
Association for investment management and research
Average cost of capital
Bottom up equity management style
Capital account
Capital adequacy
Capital allocation decision
Capital appreciation
Capital asset
Capital asset pricing model
Capital budget
Capital budgeting
Capital cost allowance
Capital expenditure
Capital flight
Capital gain
Capital gains yield
Capital impairment rule
Capital lease
Capital loss
Capital market
Capital market efficiency
Capital market imperfections view
Capital market line
Capital rationing
Capital stock
Capital structure
Capital surplus
Cash management bill
Change in net working capital
Complete capital market
Corporate financial management
Cost of capital
Cost of limited partner capital
Debt capital
Debt to capital ratio
Dedicated capital
Efficient capital market
Equity capital
Exchange rate risk capital budgeting
Financial or capital lease
Gigo garbage in, garbage out in capital budgeting
Hard capital rationing
Human capital
Interest rate risk management
Invested capital
Investment management
Issued share capital
Legal capital
Management buyout
Management fee
Marginal cost of capital
Marginal cost of capital schedule
Money management
Net working capital
Net working capital recapture
Nondiversifiability of human capital
Open ended management company
Opportunity cost of capital
Optimal capital structure
Other capital
Outstanding share capital
Passive investment management
Pecking order view of capital structure
Perfect capital market
Perfect market view of capital structure
Personal tax view of capital structure
Pie model of capital structure
Planned capital expenditure program
Portfolio management
Pro forma capital structure analysis
Real capital
Real options capital budgeting
Regulatory capital
Risk capital budgeting
Risk management
Risk management document
Short term financial management
Soft capital rationing
Sophisticated approaches to capital budgeting
Static theory of capital structure
Surplus management
Target capital structure
Taxable capital gain
Top down equity management style
Total capital
Total quality management
Uniform net capital rule
Venture capital
Weighted average cost of capital
Working capital
Working capital ratio

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